How to take part


Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of Coincidence.

Laurence Payot will present the project to everyone who is interested on Wednesday 18 May, 6-7.30pm at Metal (in Egde Hill Station, Tunnel Road). Come along!

If you cannot make it, you will be able to fill in a small participant form and get a Coincidence badge from the following shops:

- Lodge Lane: Granby Toxtheth Development Trust and Edge Hill Library

- Smithdown Road: Livsa charity shop and Windmill Organic shop

- Picton Road: Halo Hairdresser

- St Anne’s Church (By Taskers)


To become part of the artwork, all you’ll need to do is:

Wear your badge from 23 May until 5 June to become part of the Coincidence network!

Check your daily text messages, which will instruct you with a simple action to perform each day during Coincidence. The actions are being suggested by local groups through consultations with artist Laurence Payot. If you’d like to suggest actions to be performed, please contact the artist. If you’d like to see what kind of actions might be suggested, please visit the ‘Runcorn’ page of the website, where Coincidence happened for 7 days.

Carry out the suggested action whenever and wherever throughout your day (in the street, at work, etc…). You may do each action once or repeat it as many time as you wish. The actions will be simple enough for you to be able to perform them as part of your daily life, but if you still find some actions challenging, take this opportunity to try things out. You may decide to perform some actions actively while other days you might take a back seat. The hundreds of people taking part will be performing the same daily actions and thus create coincidences within the area.

Share your experience with the other participants on, by selecting the relevant day within the ‘Picton’ page. The page for each day is like a mini-blog on which you can post comments and images, reply to other people’s posts, start discussions. If you do not have access to the Internet daily, update your daily thoughts whenever you can by going back onto the relevant day.


A film will be made to document the whole project. We may contact some of you to follow some actions being performed, or interview you for feedback. If you would like to be filmed, please contact us. All the participants’ names will be included in the film credits and the participants’ page on this website.


Welcome to Coincidence!