About Coincidence in Picton


Coincidence in Picton is a pilot project, aiming to engage directly with people to break the barrier between public and audience and between the ‘staged’ and ‘real life’. A 14-day performance will take place in the streets, designed with local groups (through sessions with the artist) and performed by people (hundreds of participants), for an audience that will not perceive the work as a spectacular performance, but as being part of the everyday… If we all started to wear a certain type of clothes, to use a new word, to act differently, would people accept it as a new way of behaving in Picton? If we were given the opportunity to do things differently, what would we like to change, how could we imagine new ways of ‘acting’ our lives?

Each of you taking part will add his/her own interpretation to the daily actions, and bring the work to life. Each action will create a unique moment, for the ‘performer’ and for the ‘viewers’; each unique action will become part of a wider network of Coincidence.

Actions will be revealed daily on this website and participants will receive them by text messages. The pages for each day are like mini-blogs for participants (and viewers) to post comments and images, and start discussions.