Monday 23 May: Let’s go for a wander around the corner and look at places we know with new eyes (imagine you’re a tourist).

  • Jodie M says:

    I went to Hope St Ltd for a meeting – That was the first time I’ve ever been in that building – the entrance is sort of behind ‘the Side Door’ on Hope St. You could see the back of the houses there and I was like ‘oh my god people actually live there?!’ I really felt like I was on holiday peering into ‘cool places that the locals live’. I would love to live in one of those houses! Amazing :-) I also looked at Edge Hill Station from behind the railings near the back of Wavertree rd. The view was lovely and made me feel like I was an observer from the 1800s

  • Jay Mitton says:

    I decided to take a different route to work from Lime Street station, walking along Lime Street.; how depressing to see so many empty and downright grubby buildings. I would like it to be law that owners of commercial buildings have to repaint at least every five years. This would not only keep things looking nice, clean and bright, but would most likely stop some of them falling into disrepair whilst still being functional buildings. In particular the stunning Art Deco frontage of the Futurist Cinema so dilapidated. So I spent some time researching the cinema on-line and saw some wonderful photos and learnt interesting facts about the cinema and its past. Sadly it appears that when negotiations are complete, this whole block will be torn down and replaced with, well I don’t know what as I ran out of time without finding that out; job for another day! Check out this stunning shot of the Futurist taken by Mark McGowen of Emese Benzur’s 2010 Biennial piece

  • Louise says:

    I thought to myself what does a tourist do when just arrived? Look for the nearest supermarket perhaps? so I wandered along the top road staringly intently at the locals before asking a women on the street where the nearest supermarket is/ and she told me she wasnt from the area. so I deceided to continue along Picton road to the garden area with the blue bench. Ive passed it so many times in my car and never seen anyone sat there. so I thought I would sit there instead and as I did so, I noticed the taxi driver who was stationary in a line of traffic looked at me. I wondered if he was thinking “thats the first time ive seen anyone sat there”?

  • Sophie says:

    I went for a wander down penny lane an actually saw a few real tourists taking photos. Found a new cafe and shops which i have never noticed were there.

  • Angela says:

    I went in search of Garmoyle Community Garden and saw a couple of people who’d been watering plants there – felt grateful to them. I wish we had more community oases of this sort in Liverpool – lots of potential sites locally.

  • Martin Powell says:

    To the side of where I live there is a dead end footpath to some houses built about 25 years ago. I have never walked down there before. On the last house there were signs saying “It’s a girl”.

  • Caroline Tiernan says:

    I got off the bus a couple of stops early and went for a walk around my local area. It was amazing to see things that I had never noticed before. I took a walk down Earle Road, although not religious, I was struck by the beauty of St Dunstans Church with it’s bright red brick and green spire. I had passed this a number of times but never really looked at it. I also noticed the amount of shops and local businesses that I have never been into.

  • macy our lady of good help school wavertree says:

    not a care in the world our ducks at sefton park

  • macy our lady of good help school wavertree says:

    how amazing is our sefton park and its wildlife

    • Laurence says:

      beautiful picture, it looks so peaceful. I live round the corner but I don’t go to Sefton Park very often, should do!

  • Stephanie and Norma says:

    We saw some beautiful gardens, we have passed them several times and not noticed them before.

  • marita colecozy says:

    We looked amazed eyes open wide we pointed to the building an said. Isnt that beautiful wow !

  • Laurence Sidorczuk says:

    First day of Co-incidence. Spent a significant morning on Smithdown Road. Firstly, outside the ASDA and the community access pod. Next, a scroll around Toxteth Park Cemetary in the drizzle (that was something new for me). Lastly, a look at the new houses being built in Edge Hill. Strange to see old houses facing the new ones on Dorothy Drive. Quite a contrast.

  • Ruth Tweedale says:

    I went to the corner of my road Alderson Road in Wavertree and on the corner is a large building that used to be a church and meeting hall. I looked at the arciteture of the building and how magnificant it was in days gone by….

  • Year 3 St Annes Catholic Primary School says:

    I looked at the library closely, it was amazing!
    I noticed some spikes on top of a wall in the playground.
    We are enjoying making coincidences!

  • Year 3 St Annes Catholic Primary School says:

    Today we looked at things in our area with fresh eyes. These are some of the comments from our class:
    I looked at the Catholic Cathedral and the spikes look like a crown.
    I saw an old building in town, it had shiny things on top, it looked like a mansion.

  • Claire says:

    These are some photos of places I saw this morning.

  • Dee Ng says:

    I tried hard to see a familiar area through fresh eyes. Even with huge stretch of imagination I can’t claim to have done it. Needs practice? Will do so. A jolt of some kind? View from a particular angle? But old beautiful trees in our road, old terrace. Could be mysterious London backwater, maybe a little glimpse.

  • Mike Device says:

    After a nice eyebath I pretended to be a tourist and wandered around the corner to the Wavertree Rose Garden on the High street. I have always lauded the juxtapositional nature of this space amongst the metropolitan sprawl , as well as it’s soundblocking ability and interesting planting. The original bench had been vandalised last october by local NEDs , though I’d heard the Wavertree Society received donations and had it replaced with a sturdier steel beast drilled deep into the earths mantle, a job well done though I am not sure about the colour. I personally would have plumbed for a Persian green rather than the Royal blue but this reflected the compromise of the public space, dont let that swerve you from the agreeable comfort it affords. Something I noticed for the first time as a ‘tourist’ was that the planting circle in the foreground represents an eightfold wheel of life, as a symbologist and student of deviceology I found this most gratifying and after a short perusal rode off on my XC mtb wearing a smile.

  • Patsy Lowey says:

    I noticed the wonderful architecture, a multicultural society. I wondered why I saw some girls wandering around in their pyjamas. A shame a lot of the shops and pubs are closed. Looking out of my window onto the railway I admired the blackbirds, wood pigeons
    and the wildness and beauty of the scene unfortunately it was spoiled by the plastic bags hanging off the trees and the mountains of garbage thrown over the railings. An interesting task, Laurence am looking forward to tomorrow’s

  • Jodie Fisher says:

    I walked around the corner from my house this afternoon. Generally I would have my head down, thinking about the day ahead in work, or whether I had locked the door properly or left the oven on etc… Today I properly looked around. My first thought was how industrial my little part of Picton Road is, with factories on one side and takeaways on the other! And how seemingly unwelcoming in the grey weather earlier today. The main thing I noticed that I hadn’t before is that if I were a tourist, my corner wouldn’t look that appealing with no greenery or open spaces, just row after row of terraced houses and factories…but because I think of it as home, it seems softer and much more welcoming and lovely!

  • Tracy O'Connor says:

    Hmm, how can you see a place you know well with new eyes? Easy. Stop looking out for dog poop and hazards and look up. After two years of living on the same Toxteth street, I’d never noticed the beautiful spire of St.Bede’s church which is just around the corner and I became quite fascinated with a nearby derelict house which has a tree growing out of its upstairs window, the pane looking like it’s made of compressed leaves and nettles. From now on I’ll make more effort to vary the routes I take around my neighbourhood and keep my eyes open for something new.

    • Tracy o'Connor. says:

      I wrote more about today on my website:

    • julie donnelly says:

      to tracy

      i have just read your piece on your web: mybrokenpencil on just around thwe corner, may i just say how pleasing it was to read this i loved it and glad you love our city, again despite age, colour, race or religion ………….. i have printed this piece and will be glad to let other people read it. And for todays 26/5 coincidence make someone smile then you have done this for me today ……………… and may i add to laurence what a brilliant idea this has been of yours ……………. thank you !!!!!

      • Tracy O'Connor says:

        Thank you Julie! What lovely feedback, you’ve made my day. I’m really enjoying writing about the project and knowing that people I’ve never met are enjoying reading it is really encouraging, so thank you to you. All the best for today’s task, I’m already counting your comment as a random act of kindness! :o )

  • Year Four: Our Lady of Good Help says:

    Steven: we went round to assembly and tried to find or recognise stuff we have never seen before!
    Lauren: In class when I looked around I spotted our WOW word wall, wich is really usefull!!! Then drew them in my book.
    Faye: I have found this really fun.
    Fidel: I never saw the sheild by our office so I tried to draw it and Joseph Byrne copied me!
    Chloe: WOW!it is really fun !!!!

  • Samantha Davies says:

    Has anybody noticed how cute our English post boxes are?

  • Claire says:

    I enjoyed going for a wander around the corner this morning and I saw 2 new things : a charity shop and a disued house with plants grow up.I have done pictures.

    • Laurence says:

      We’d all love to see your pictures! If there are not too heavy you can upload them on this blog.

  • Ian says:

    I am going for a wander now, got my raining coat on!

  • Jennie Wishart says:

    Asda – as a tourist. Seems to be more than a place to do your weekly shop, but a hub for the community. How many people stand nattering in the aisle, sit in the cafe, though you have to get an edge seat, so you can spy on the world going buy…

  • Laurence says:

    Good Morning everyone!
    I hope you’ll enjoy this first action. Please let us know if you’ve noticed anything that you haven’t seen before. Take and upload pictures if you can. Maybe see some of you around the corner at some point today!