Wednesday 1 June: Let’s give something away that we never use anymore.

  • Louise O'B says:

    3 pairs of shoes that I can’t remember the last time I wore them…. all high heels…. must be getting old now! Sent a box of sparkly glitter pencils to my God daughter, a glass teapot to my sister because she needs one and I have 2, gave some books away to someone that is in hospital and some fabric to someone that wants to make a dress. Love it.

  • The Greenhouse Project says:

    We were given things from two of our workers, They both bought us disney dvds to watch Coincidence? :-)

  • Kate Graven says:

    Giving something away is a lovely idea, even if it isn’t of use to you anymore, it doesn’t mean you love it less, but you can give it to someone who will like it. I went to a clothe swapping party, and it meant you could get something that somebody may of felt way about, which is a bonus. The task was great, nice to have an insight into other old garments loves- or not!

  • Samantha Davies says:

    I gave two big boxes of all kinds of stuff away to the charity shop and i gave a book to my friend that I thought she would love (she did :-) ) it’s good to have a good clear out every once in a while it’s good for the soul

  • Dee Ng says:

    I find it very hard to give away anything that’s once been mine, even stuff I know I’m not likely to use again. But I don’t want to live in clutter forever, so here it goes. i’m starting with my pure new wool university scarf. Still in good condition (I hardly ever wore it…needed to be teamed with a duffle coat… not my style!). I’ll find some other things to go with it, then I’ll have a bag for the charity shop!

  • Martin Powell says:

    I thought this was going to be difficult. Not so much in choosing something but finding someone to give it to. In the end I went through my cutlery drawer and chose a potato peeler and a pair of tongs. I had a meeting in the evening and after it explained to Sonia about Coincidence and that she needed to take something off me, so offered her a choice. She was delighted to be given the potato peeler.

  • Dawn Lowe says:

    I had some lovely silk flowers but they were just in my cupboard took them into work today and brightened up the room with them,look much nicer than in my cupboard.

  • Tracy O'Connor says:

    One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. Sadly I have neither of either to give away. Last month in a pre-housemate cleaning frenzy I had a ruthless clear out and have nothing left I’m willing to part with?! So when today’s Coincidence Project text arrived I was stumped. Never mind, I had all day at work to mull it over.

    As it turned out, it was my day at work that offered a solution. I’m employed by a number of youth projects so I spent my day learning some cookery skills with students from Calderstones School in Allerton, at the Can Cook Studios in south Liverpool
    The Can Cook Studio is a cookery school where the staff are clearly passionate about food and cookery. Their aim is to get everyone else excited about some good old home cooking too, but more than that, Can Cook is a business with a social purpose. Everything they do is about providing a professional service which benefits everyone they work with and provide training for – and here is the twist – ALL of their profits go to developing and improving their service and supporting their partner charity, the Five Children and Families Trust. Ultimately, their mission is to educate people of all ages in new ways of cooking and equip everyone with the skills and knowledge needed to take everything you learn from their kitchen, into your own.

    As I arrived, the smell of freshly baked scones was waiting to greet me as were the welcoming staff who wholeheartedly believe in the power of knowing how to cook. Top chef Tony Evans and the rest of his team are on hand to demonstrate cooking technique, such as the correct way to slice and dice almost anything, butchery skills, spices and seasoning etc, while offering support, advice and cups of tea for the duration of your visit.

    Each participant has their own kitchen area to prepare a three course meal in and on today’s menu was:

    - Scrambled eggs with creme fraiche (which we ate for brunch)

    - Chicken and Lentil curry with pilau rice and naan bread.

    - Apple crumble with chilli – a unique but unbelievably tasty alternative to a traditional dessert!

    Everyone has the opportunity to sit and eat their creations together at the end of the day, but with the task in mind I decided to give my dinner away. On the journey home I called into the Powerhouse Foyer on Upper Parliament Street, a service which provides support and accommodation to young people as they make their transition into adult life. The staff were delighted with their freebie and keen to learn more about the Can Cook scheme and how it could benefit the young people they work with.

    Today’s Coincidence Project task gave me the opportunity to introduce one worthwhile community project to another, the rest is up to them…

  • Laurence says:

    I went to see a friend today who is taking part in the project and she gave me this beautiful designer top, which she hasn’t worn for 3 years. I like it!

  • Laurence says:

    Bag of clothes ready to go to charity shop + a book I am going to give to friend.

  • Jay Mitton says:

    Hah! This one’s easy. I’ve taken a days holiday today to clear my garage of things I’ve been shoving in there that I don’t need any more, and my late mum’s stuff has been in there for two years, also stuff I failed to sell at boot sales about four years ago! I’m getting ready for our Summer Fete at the Boote Home for Cats (25th June 2-4pm 2 Elm Vale Fairfield L6 8NX All welcome). I am determined to have as much clean and ready for sale as possible. Not just to help feed and house all the unwanted cats and kittens, but also to free my mind of the clutter that has taken over my head. I’ve decided I have to stop with the clutter in my house, my garage, my life! Finally, I’ve found time to update your web site with the tasks I’ve been doing for Coincidence and have enjoyed reading about everyone’s adventures; now what was it I was supposed to be doing?! :)

  • maxine critchley says:

    Todays mission was a good exhuse to go through my wardrobe and get rid of clothes and shoes i no longer wear. i filled 4 carrier bags. i took them to smithdown roads charity shop on my way back from our walk in sefton park. while i was there i found a great pair of knee high boots for £4 and a top for £2. dont you just love recycling.

  • Claire says:

    I offten give clothes to charity actions and today I offer five t-shirts for that.