Thursday 2 June: Let’s chalk a hopscotch or other games in the streets for people to hop on as they walk past.

  • Jodie M says:

    . . . . A mystery hopscotch on the platform at Edge Hill

  • The Greenhouse Project says:

    We chalked three hopscotch games for people to play on, as we were making them we had comments such as ‘havent seen that in years’ and ‘how nice’. Later on we noticed alittle girl playing on them :-)

  • Jodie M says:

    I drew a hopscotch outside Metal’s doors on platform 1 at Edge Hill Station. As we were walking out of the station we noticed one around the corner and another further down the platform. Not sure who did them but we were really glad to have spotted them!! :-) Here’s me hopscotching on Saturday whilst also wearing white for the Saturday coincidence

  • Jodie Fisher says:

    I drew a hopscotch just outside my house on the path and had great fun skipping, haven’t done it in years! Didn’t spot anyone else hopping though…

  • Pam Shearwood says:

    Couldn’t draw a hopscotch on path but I did draw oxo games on presentation flip charts for colleagues to do on their break

  • Laurence says:

    What a Coincidence! I was talking to my neighbour about the project, about the subtle actions, and it reminded her that she saw a hopscotch down the road on her way home! I was so pleased as I haven’t seen this one! She told me how it reminded her of being young… So I grabbed my bike to see it! As I cycled down the road, I saw a little girl hopping! Here it was, and, how funny, I actually know this little girl and her mum! As I chatted with her mum and she hopped about, some of the people living in the house talked to us, and a random guy walking down the road stopped too… Didn’t realise a single hopscotch could do so much… Thanks to whoever drew it!

  • Dee Ng says:

    Hopscotch is the only pavement game I know how to play, and I’ve drawn one, in beautiful pink chalk, where the alleyway between Thorneycroft and Wellington Avenue broadens out. I’ve put 2 stones in no1 square so that’s ready for anyone who wants a go (hope someone wants a go before the rain washes it away or it get scuffed out!)

  • Sallyann says:

    (posted via text message). I have problems with accessing the Internet today, but wanted to say a big thank you to the hopscotch artist on Lodge Lane. Made me smile brightly on my way to the station.

  • Patsy says:

    Didn’t do this one to-day, I would have just felt too weird. My neighbours would have thought I’d gone crazy. I am visiting my grand children on Sunday so will do the coincidence then. Have really enjoyed the rest of them.

  • Laurence says:

    A hopscotch for ants drawn by Abigail!

  • Karen Snook says:

    I chalked a MASSIVE hippy lucking flower with a stalk at Princes Boulevard entrance of Princes Park and wrote underneath “for you”. 2 people stopped and said “for me?”. I like this game!

  • Tracy O'Connor says:

    The first hopscotch!

  • Tracy O'Connor says:

    Hopscotch Snail outside the Granby and Toxteth Development Trust on Lodge Lane!!

  • Tracy O'Connor says:

    This has been my best Coincidence day yet!!
    This one triggered more smiles and conversations with members of my community than any of the other tasks combined. My housemate picked up a box of coloured chalk in town this morning, and this afternoon we hit the pavements of Toxteth together to do some doodles. As we set up temporary camp on a walkway which links two roads, kids on their bikes, mums with their prams, delivery drivers and passersby of all ages either called out to ask, or came over to see what we were doing. Anyone would think they’d never seen two grown women randomly drawing on the streets before…
    On the corner of Lime Grove, the offices of the Granby and Toxteth Development Trust have a sign in their window advertising ‘Activities for Young People.’ What a perfect place for a child’s game! As we started to draw a hopscotch snail, a man appeared at the window. He eyed us curiously, then began laughing, then playfully conveyed his thoughts on our doodling: ‘VANDALS!’

    He came out to chat with us and find out what we were up to. ‘We’re doing our Coincidence Project task!’ we said. Did he mind us defacing the street outside his business? Not at all. He offered us a cup of tea in a manner that said he understood what thirsty work chalky doodling is.
    We stood outside the W&S Discount Store trying to figure out where to go next when we realised that as adults, we were getting a kick out of a splash of colour and that other grown-ups might too.

    That’s when we decided to write some messages for them.

    This was the first one: ‘Smile! Your bus is coming!’ Three little boys had seen our yellow project badges and knew we were doing something for Coincidence. They’ve been taking part in the project with their school, but because it’s half term week they hadn’t been able to find out what the task of the day was. We gave them some chalk to make arty creations of their own and can only apologise if they write naughty words with it.

    There are lots more pictures on my blog at!!

  • Anne says:

    I quickly drew one outside my house when no one was looking!

  • maxine critchley says:

    You lot are braver than me. im a single woman who lives alone and the thought of drawing a hopscotch in front of my house, thats just wierd. so im opting out today, sorry

  • Angela says:

    A co-operative neighbour who caught me in the act of chalking

  • Claire says:

    I do a hopscotch on the street in front of my house where offten some children play.I will see…..