Saturday 4 June: Let’s all wear white.

  • Caroline Tiernan says:

    I wore a white top and blue jeans in the day time. I was going out in the night and didn’t have anything suitable in white. I had something white on most of the day. White isn’t something I wear that often so I did make a bit of effort.

  • Martin Powell says:

    Unlike previous days, when I’ve checked the action for the day first thing I was a bit busy this morning as I was going out for the day. I was going into town wearing my brown T shirt, blue jeans, grey socks, and brown boots when I got round to reading the text, so a dismal failure there. However when I got into town I met Sonia and her first question was “What’s your task for today?” She had a good laugh when I told her.

  • Jodie M says:

    I wore a white dress for the first time that my mum bought me about a year ago. I always thought that it was too dressy to wear in the daytime but not exciting enough to wear on a night out. I paired it with a pink belt to liven it up and white Birkenstocks. As Saturday was such a sunny day it was the perfect outfit. I probably still wouldn’t have worn it if it hadn’t been for coincidence! :-)

  • Laurence Sidorczuk says:

    It was glorious day today – a really hot blue-sky summer special. It reminded me of when I wore my best cream-lined suit and strolled round Liverpool Centre in the afternoon sunshine. It felt like being on holiday and everyone seemed to be happy enjoying the weather. There were a lot people enjoying having an open-air lunch in St Johns Gardens . The picture is me in Mathew Street wearing my Martin Bell white suit – looks a bit old-fashioned as I saved it in black-and-white. Still, it was a memorable day – I loved it.

  • Samantha Davies says:

    Today i wore my White dream catcher earrings :-) xxx

  • Dee Ng says:

    I don’t have much in the way of white clothing (prefer colour), but I compromised with a white shirt worn open over a white T-shirt with a legend in pale blue and pink, and felt I carried out my action as well as I could.

  • Karen Snook says:

    I’ve been thinking white all day, even wearing a white elastic band in my hair, I must feel ALWITE!

  • Anne says:

    I noticed a few people wearing white today. I wondered if they were part of the project…

  • Ruth, Sheela, and Shaun at Edge Hill Library says:

    Today at the library

  • Tracy O'Connor says:

    This task was so simple, what could go wrong?
    If everyone participating in the project did this and took a stroll around the streets of Liverpool today, I’m sure the effect was subtle yet refreshing to the eye. However, I’m not in Liverpool, I’m in Peterborough. Had I known what the task would be I’d have packed my bags accordingly, but without a warning I found myself with only a thin white cardigan and some white underwear to choose from? So far I’ve thrown myself at every task with gusto, but for fear of causing a pile-up I chose to compliment my white garments with a skirt and a top. I should’ve known today wouldn’t go to plan when I brushed my teeth with toothpaste which contains bicarbonate of soda ‘for that white, bright smile’. The stuff froths so extensively that as I watched myself morph in the mirror to something resembling a rabid dog, I didn’t notice the large glob of frothy goo which had adhered itself to my skirt. Bugger.

    As the parents and I sat in the garden for morning coffee, my white cardi began to attract the attention of greenflies and fruit flies; apparently they’ve been in abundance in this part of the country because of something to do with the sugar beet crops this year. Aside from the general irritation little critters cause, relentlessly flirting with my white sleeves, they squidge and moosh so easily that within the hour I’d begun to resemble a car windscreen.

    Undeterred but uncardiganned we set out to have a wander around the shops and I picked up a new white vest top for a few quid. The task was back on track and feeling good I offered to treat my Mum to a whippy ice-cream – it’s white, it counts. Or it would have if I hadn’t dropped it on the way out of the shop.

    The final straw came as I sat down to write my blog and spilt coffee down the front of my brand new white shirt.

    The only white thing to have survived my day is my underwear which will only be seen by me. Today’s task has been an epic fail.

  • Claire says:

    What a warm and sunny day for enjoy .
    In my painter the elephant’s trunk turns to white …

  • maxine critchley says:

    i dont often wear white as im messy and it ends up with splatters of spagetti or dog gooba or mud. but just for you today im wearing a white vest top with red skirt. ive had it on approx 4 hours and i have tea and suncream on it. thankgod im only in my own back yard and noone can see the state of me.
    i dont want coincidence to end, ive had a lovely time reading everyones blogs.

  • Laurence says:

    What a beautiful weather for white, I am so happy it doesn’t rain! Bring on the shine!