Tuesday 24 May: Let’s eat or drink something we have never tried before.

  • Emma S says:

    After my usual combo of toast and Marmite for breakfast and uninspiring reduced microwaved vegetables for lunch, I felt I was failing the task miserably. Just before 11pm, when I finished choir practice, I was suprised to find that Spendwell, as seen in The Secret Millionnaire, was still open. I wandered about the shop, and considered buying a carton of non alcoholic eggnog (sounded yuk) or a plantain (bit late in the day to look up how to cook it). Eventually I plumped for a Salt Fish pattie, a Carribbean snack. It was rather tasty – here’s a picture

  • Mandy says:

    Last day on holiday in cyprus and had a meze, Tried deep fried mini crabs and sauted whole cuttle fish , strange experience

  • Jay Mitton says:

    My friend’s husband, who grows veg in my garden, had grown some Jerusalem Artichoke which I had never tried, so I ate some of that finely sliced into my sandwich lunch. It was nice, a bit bland but crunchy. I tried it on my two hens and they wolfed it down. So another addition to mine and their diet :)

  • Louise Crowe says:

    Today I ordered Kung Po with fried duck from the chinese on Picton road whilst being filmed which was something that definately has not happened to me before.

  • Sallyann says:

    I tried veg sushi at lunchtime – would never have thought to try something like this for lunch but what a find thank you

  • Tom Croft says:

    Stem Ginger… It came in syrup, and I ate it with melon. Twas lovely, although a very strong flavour…

  • Angela says:

    Goat burgers (really) and rum and lime. Went to buy a dragon fruit and left it in the basket in Asda.

  • Ami Rivington says:

    I tried some parsnips, not very adventurous I know but I had never tried them before. I rosted them in rock salt and groud black pepper an they were lovely an sweet aswell. yummmm :)

    • Laurence says:

      Parsnips are amazing, we don’t really eat them in France. My sister tried them once, and now every time she comes to England we roast some for her!

  • The Greenhouse Project says:

    We tried some Arabic Pastries and Tropical juice for our snack, we all really liked them and wanted more :)

  • Caroline Tiernan says:

    I tried some okra from a local shop. I wasn’t too sure what to do with it at first but decided to put it in a stew. I did enjoy it but not sure I could taste it properly with the amount of herbs and spices in the stew.

  • macy our lady of good help school wavertree says:

    we tried sasparilla with ice cream float mmmmmm helped my sore throat my mum loved it

  • Samantha Davies says:

    I tried one of the new tastes of America burgers in Macdonalds.This week was the Texas Grande burger and it was gorgeous and also Texas is my favourite part of America so that was cool :-) xxx

  • Stephanie and Norma says:

    We made vegetable smoothies, we liked them but the children didnt like them

  • hoodo says:

    i ate chiicken because im a vegertarion it tasted horrible

  • John Corcoran says:

    Tried eating a spider but it kept scuttleing away too fast for me to catch it!

  • Jenny says:

    I went to a cafe last night for my tea and when I was at the counter I said I needed to try something I had never had before. The girl who was serving suddenly said ‘Ah Coincidence!’. My friend didn’t know anything about the project so I felt like a was part of some secret club! I tried a chocolate flavoured tea- wasn’t very nice (and not so adventurous)- a bit like a weak hot chocolate.

  • Jodie M says:

    Hola! ;-) I tried a belgian waffle after band practice. It was surprisingly quite nice (apart from the crunchy sugary bits) considering it was from a packet! :-)

  • trene colecozy-rogers says:

    I ate some Celery it was green an crunchy an quite watery i pulled à face squelching my mouth an eyes

  • Claire-Lise Bertrand says:

    I tried a new drink this afternoon : scotch & cola , pure english . Very good !

  • Dee Ng says:

    Having eaten a great variety in the course of my life I cruised to ASDA’s World Food aisle, looking for something new (and wondering if my fellow cruisers might also be doing Coincidence). In the Afro-Caribean section I found a tinned veg called Callaloo. Tin said “…often called soul food & widely eaten in Jamaica… excellent source of nutrients… unique taste”. Tasted like rather bland spinach (probably cos i didn’t know how to season it), but ok. Maybe I’ll have to find the fresh version & try it again. Also got a tin of a fruit called Ackee. Will try that soon.

  • Jodie Fisher says:

    Being at work most of the day today meant I struggled to think of something I hadn’t had before! But my fiance came to the rescue and saved me a blue Skittle from the new packs! I’m pretty sure there hasn’t been blue ones before so I know it’s the first time I’ve had one, and it was nice and fruity :) Another great coincidence day!

  • Lauri says:

    Roquefort cheese- vile !

  • Patsy Lowey says:

    I was in the office 10am-8.30pm to-day so we all raided the cupboards in search of something to drink. We found a few turkish teas and so I tasted a sex tea and an apple tea. Words fail me! I had a cheesy bacon burger for lunch with fries and enjoyed it.

  • Laurence Sidorczuk says:

    Today, I bought and ate a Rustlers BBQ spare rib roll from the Co-op (microwaveable). Never tried one before. Bit salty. Sauce wasn’t anything special. Wouldn’t get one again I don’t think.

  • Kevin says:

    I just ate a tesco duck and hoi sin wrap, it was my very first one ever! It was a bit gooey though so i don’t recommend it.

  • Laurence says:

    Sam (who is filming the project) and I went to see Louise this evening, to see what she was going to taste today… That’s a picture of her ordering something she never had before, I’m sure she’ll tell us more…

  • Tracy O'Connor says:

    What a brilliant task! I’ve tried some nice, and some not so nice foods today as well as met some lovely people who explained through words or mime how I was to prepare and eat them. I can now recommend ‘Puck Spread’ but not the vegetable ‘Kadu Dudi’!
    For more on my task, check out my blog, http://www.mybrokenpencil.co.uk

    • Tracy O'Connor says:

      If ever a girl needed an excuse to break a diet. I popped down to Lodge Lane and went to the Green Mountain Food Store to see what they had on offer. In their chiller cabinet were glass jars in varying sizes, from an average jam-jar size, to that of a KFC Bucket, of ‘Puck Spread’.

      I opted for the smaller and asked the shopkeeper about the right, or best way to eat it. His English was limited, but through the international language of mime I managed to ascertain that you just put it on bread. Fair enough. The taste test was a pleasant one, it’s simply an ‘alternative’ cream cheese, like Philadelphia, only thinner.

      • Tracy 0'Connor says:

        But, this was hardly a challenge, so with an eye for something a little more daring I went further down the street to the W&S Discount Store. If you haven’t been, this place has quite literally something for everyone. If you need a carrot, a plug, a padlock, a candle , incense sticks or some ‘Cock Soup’, then this is the place for you.

        In their fruit and veg section I spotted this fruit (picture above)

        I had to buy it just because I loved the name, ‘Kadu Dudi’ is delicious to say. This time the shopkeeper told me in his rich Scouse accent that he had never eaten it, but knows that you simply peel, de-seed and boil it. I promised to let him know what it’s like the next time I visit.

        I can report that it’s delicious to say, not to eat. Uncooked, it smells like raw brocolli stems and has a white centre with a texture of unripe melon. Cooked, it has the texture of slightly slimy cooked melon, without any flavour. It’s highly possible that I didn’t cook it properly, but aside from coating it in spices and other foods I don’t know what could be done to improve it?

        Fortunately I also picked up a drink to wash it all down; ‘Barbican, A Premium Malt, Pineapple Flavoured Non-alcoholic Beverage.’ It has a mild flavour with a lasting pineapple aftertaste, which while refreshing, would definitely benefit from some booze.

        I’m hoping tomorrow’s task will be cake related.

  • amanda jane earley says:

    Tried an Indian Buffet restaurant on smithdown rd tried a mixture of different dishes , some very spicy ,felt sorry for the waitor who was also cook and entertainer , who gave us free icecream and drinks seemed reluctant to let us go

  • jennie says:

    I will never again eat a tin of mustard leaf curry washed down with peanut milk!
    Wish I’d gone to the cake shop and chosen a cake I’d never tried before instead.

  • Ian B says:

    just tried for the first time, a saltfish pattie at the excellent Ragga’s on Smithdown Road

    • Tracy O'Connor says:

      Ragga’s is superb, make sure you get some Festivale and Boiled Food next time, delicious. I think a new branch has just opened on Lark Lane?

  • Sue Dwyer says:

    Made a home made spicy vegetrian meal using lentils, spices an rice, for myself and some of WAM’s volununteers. A shocking change for those of us that are meat lovers. I have to say they loved it, and it made a cheep and healthy alternative to our usual meat feast each lunch time. The cost around 50p each and about 300 kcals per portion, excluding the bread that is.

  • maxine critchley says:

    heres a picture of otis trying something new, the spongey crumpet

  • maxine critchley says:

    i ve never tried a crumpet so i thought id give it a go. yuk. it was like eating a buttery sponge. the dog loved it though and finished it all off.

  • Ruth Tweedale says:

    Today we had Lentil Curry, made for us by Sue Dwyer, we are not vegetirians but enjoyed the challenge, and the food……

  • Year 3 St Annes Catholic Primary School says:

    I ate the skin on my potato! I don’t normally, and it tasted nice!
    I ate green beans from our school salad bar for the first time, they were lovely!
    I ate sultanas, they were sweet and brown.
    I ate red peppers, they were crunchy!
    I tried carrot for the first time, it was yummy.
    I ate beetroot, it was ok.

  • Anna & kids says:

    We cooked chilli con carne today! It was our first time to do and taste it. It was so nice that we will cook it again soon!

  • Year Four: Our Lady of Good Help says:

    Our taste in new foods is rather varied which is always interesting. We would like to try….octopus, frogs legs, blackberry pie, salmon, chilli, mushrooms,seaweed, nettle wine, fish eye,chorizo, muscles, squid rings, kipper, cress, olives, lemonade, prawn toast.

  • Laurence says:

    There’s a shop on top of Smithdown that sells amazing fruits. I never dared buy one before!