Thursday 26 May: Let’s pass on a smile and a hello maybe.

  • Jay Mitton says:

    I smile at everyone who walks through the door of our business to show them they are welcomed and to feel more comfortable that we will help them. I regularly smile at strangers in the street but I made a extra effort today. Most people smiled back, sometimes only weakly, probably because it’s strange to them. But it can be difficult to actually get eye contact with people as they rush to and from work.

  • Louise Crowe says:

    Im always smiling and saying hello to people though sometimes it lands me in trouble. not today though.

  • Caroline Tiernan says:

    I started off the day in a foul mood, not helped by getting drenched in the rain and missing the bus. I then saw the text message with the day’s task on it and decided I really needed to snap out of my mood. I smiled at a few people I passed in the street and when I got a smile back it did wonders for lifting my mood.

  • Martin Powell says:

    I keep getting told “since you retired you haven’t stopped smiling”, so this was easy for me.

  • Anne says:

    I was in my car, waiting for a friend with my window open, and a little girl walked passed and said a loud ‘hello’ to me with a big smile. I replied with a big smile and a hello too. As they walked away, I heard her mum say “You’re saying hello to everyone today!”. I wonder if she was part of Coincidence!

  • Sallyann says:

    I smiled and said hello as often as I remembered today. Work had been tough and on the way home I started again to smile and say hello to strangers and found the heaviness of the day lifting – on reflection I generally will smile and greet people if I am in a very happy mood but to do this on a day I would normally withdraw was an amazing experience – thank you. One lovely encounter on Lodge Lane as I walked towards a man we both smiled and said hello almost simultaneously making for even bigger smiles

    • Laurence says:

      I said hello to an old man, and he replied loudly and with a smile: “oh, hello my love!”. His reply made me feel so nice…

  • Tom Jollyboat says:

    I ended up talking to 3 lovely people

    - a very pretty girl on the train, she just finished her first year of A-Levels and was going to see Pirates of the Carribean 4 (?)
    - a lad volunteering in a charity shop (not nr here), who was bored of living in a small town and wanted to go back to Manchester
    - a posh older lady who used to work in Yokshire Sculpture Park – she told me about Japanese wishing trees. I confessed that I once used one of the sculptures as a climbing frame.

    I’m quite chatty with strangers anyway, especially cute girls and OAPs. I totally recommend it.

  • Year 3 St Annes Catholic Primary School says:

    These are some of the respones the children got from strangers when saying hello and smiling at them:
    Oh, you little angel!
    Thank you!
    How lovely!

    One of the children said hello to his neighbour and she brought some cookies to his house for him.
    One of the children was ignored when she said hello to a stranger in town.
    We have enjoyed taking part, thank you Laurence! :)

  • Dee Ng says:

    I think the first 3 tasks had the effect of nudging us a little way out of our usual perceptions. Today’s, however nice, didn’t call for any special effort for me. Thought of giving a smile + hello to complete strangers, see what happens! Maybe I will!

  • Maeve says:

    I came across a student manically revising outside an exam hall today and smiled at them, saying hello – they looked up and their frown transformed into a smile back. That moment brightened up this rainy day!

  • The Greenhouse Project says:

    We have all just compleated our coincidence for today and we all had lots of fun :) we made a chart to see the difference in the reactions from all the people who we said hello an smiled to us on lodge lane. We was only ignore by three people and everbody else was sooo nice an friendly! we also seen sombody else wearing a yellow badge :D

  • jennie says:

    I smile at my husbund this morning and he asked me if I was in pain……….

  • Tracy O'Connor says:

    Living in Toxteth, this was an easy task for me. I’m generally friendly and comfortable instigating conversation with strangers (though I never take sweets from them or get in their cars, my Mother taught me well) and the residents of Liverpool make it so easy. They say the further North you go, the friendlier the people are. If that is true, anyone north of Liverpool must surely thrust five pound notes into your hand and give you a hug.
    The highlight of my day as I smiled and said ‘Hello’ to anyone willing to make eye contact was a lady on a bus. Stuck in traffic in the pouring rain, I looked at the bus next to me and saw a lady looking glumly at the sky. She was probably in her late fifties and had the homely look of a dinner lady. She must have felt my gaze because she turned to look at me. I smiled and mouthed ‘Hello’. She looked over her shoulder to look for the person I was speaking to before looking back.

    ‘Me?’ she mouthed, pointing to herself in confusion.

    ‘Yes,’ I mouthed back. ‘You!’

    She looked flattered and started to laugh. As the bus pulled away and carried off the lady and her smile to some unknown destination, I realised just how easy it is to to brighten someone else’s day, and your own

    • maxine critchley says:

      ive had a lovely day smiling at everyone and recieving smiles back. the best one was from the handsome man who sold me concrete ( dont ask ) at waynes building merchants. i may have to go back tomorrow !!

      • Tracy O'Connor says:

        Oooooh the first Coincidence Project romance?! I’d like to share an old chinese proverb with you: The smart lady always has need of a spare bag of cement. :o )
        Its nice to hear someone else is getting as much of a kick out of this as I am. I think I’m high on ”smile” What a brilliant day, good luck for tomorrow’s task.

  • Ami Rivington says:

    I am about to take the children for Greenhouse out in small groups to do our coincidence for today. I have printed off charts for the children to fill in afterwards to see how many smiles/hellos they got back or if they were ignored. I shall let you know our results :D

  • Jodie Fisher says:

    I had a lovely morning smiling and saying hello to people around Picton Road with Laurence and Sam filming! Sometimes I just smiled and was a bit shy saying hello, especially if people didn’t make eye contact with me. But then I realised if I kept my head up and looked at other people instead of concentrating on the pavement then they were more likely to acknowledge me and smile back :)

    A few people seemed really wary, or looked as though they should recognise me from somewhere, or even looked suspicious of why I was saying hello to them! But other people looked pleased and said hello back and smiled.

    The first guy I saw looked at me then back to his wife and said to her “Oh, here’s the first one now.” I said hello and he replied “Alright love” but he seemed to know it was coming… Hopefully he’s part of the project too and noticed my badge. If so, hello again! :)

  • Year 5 St Anne's Catholic Primary School says:

    In our class, when we smiled and said hello, we felt: shy; good about ourselves; confident; happy and we were glad that they smiled back!

  • macy our lady of good help says:

    BIG SMILE FOR EVERYONE FROM MACY AND HER MUM JULIE ………………… hope you all have a nice day !!!!!!!!!!

  • Laurence says: