Friday 27 May: Let’s do a random act of kindness.

  • Jenny says:

    A random act of kindness actually happened to me today- a true coincidence! I needed to pop into town for just 5 mins and had to go in a pay and display car park, as I was walking to the machine someone asked if I was staying long….I said, ‘no, just 5 mins’. He said he had an hour left on his ticket and gave it to me. I then bought donuts for everyone in the office to pass the goodwill on :-)

  • Jay Mitton says:

    There was a young woman on the doorstep when I went into work today, which is unusual. She was desperately trying to get something printed on her own paper for her university final design show that night; she had been trying unsuccessfully for three days. Two other similar businesses on the same street said they couldn’t help her. She and I knew they could, they just couldn’t be bothered and there was no money to be made. I reassured her, set things in motion, sat her down and offered her a cup of tea while she waited. I thought she was going to burst into tears. She was wound up like a coiled spring as she only had a couple of hours to go till her tutors deadline and was in such a panic. Why does everything have to be about money? Why couldn’t they help this poor young woman? Perhaps this is why we’ve never had to advertise in thirty years in business; our customers recommend us and pass us on. What does a little courtesy and kindness cost? I’m a great believer in the old saying ‘What goes round comes round’!

  • Louise Crowe says:

    I was back at the chippy for my tea and held the door open for the chippy’s courier whose hand were a bit full.

  • Jodie Fisher says:

    My random acts of kindness were perhaps just acts of courtesy! Helping someone with a pram off the bus, taking extra time to listen to customers at work who felt under-appreciated and ignored. On Saturday I saw a lady drop her shopping list and ran down the aisle to give it to her, probably looking a bit strange in my determination. It’s fun looking out for extra little things you can do though :)

  • Caroline Tiernan says:

    Unfortunately I didn’t find an opportunity for a random act of kindness today. I hope that I can do it another day.

  • Samantha Davies says:

    I like to make jewellery as a hobby so I made a lovely little guardian angel keyring and i heard that a family in my street were having a bit of a bad time with there daughter so i left the keyring on there front door (I was too shy to knock) but maybe it will make them smile and think that they have a guardian angel looking after them.I also made a fertility keyring for my friend cos she is trying for a baby.I like to do spells because and i posted on the wall of a healing group on Facebook if anybody would like me to do a healing spell for themselves or anybody they know who could use a little help and lots of people were very grateful for this and it made me feel happy to help people :-) <3

  • Chris says:

    I gave people compliments, things I wouldn’t usually say to them like “You look very beautiful today.”

  • jennie says:

    A day late…..A bought a mug tree from the charity shop for my friend jo.She said she wanted one to hang her knecklesses from.

  • Dawn Lowe says:

    A lady in the local charity shop was trying a dress on and she obviously needed with her zip, so I helped her try it on. I told she looked lovely she said I made her day .

  • Sophie says:

    I made my housemates a cheesecake- not a very successful cheesecake but think it still brightened their day.

  • Laurence says:

    I was tidying my house when I found some big paintings I made about 5 years ago. I do still like them, but they take up so much space, and I know my neighbours like art, so I asked them if they wanted to have them for their flat. They took 3 and seemed quite happy and flattered that I offered the paintings to them. We had a nice little chat.

  • Lisa Shearwood says:

    Random act of kindness – lovely idea. Didn’t get the opportunity to do much, but surprised my daughter when I insisted on hoovering for her.

  • Dee Ng says:

    No opportunity arose during the entire day to do a specific kind act. So could I transfer many tiny such acts from past to present? This include rescuing spiders from baths, and removing snails + other small creatures from footpaths where they risk being squashed, to places of safety (slugs I wrap in leaves to rescue them… their sticky slime clings to the fingers). I try to be kind kind to higher animals too (tho without wrapping them in leaves!)

  • Amanda Earley says:

    My acts of random kindness have been small. One is making a cuppa the other buying one for a friend. Small gesture in a big world.

  • maxine critchley says:

    I have leant my dad my car for the weekend so he can go fishing with his friends. im a lazy lady and rely on my car alot so this is very kind of me haha.

  • Lauri says:

    I gave yellow roses to an old lady, kit kats to workmen and possibly beer to a stressed chef later.

  • Tracy O'Connor says:

    The message came as my housemate, Lauri, and I got up this morning. Instantly we began to compete for the right to carry out the first kind act – to make each other the first cup of tea of the day. I offered, she counter-offered, and as an act of kindness I nobly stepped aside from the kettle and let her. See how easy it is?

    We talked about our ideas for a kind act and Lauri decided she would like to buy a bunch of flowers and give them to an elderly lady. We’re both very fond of our Grandmothers and like the idea that some day, someone may have done the same thing for them. So, we donned our yellow Coincidence Project badges and made our way to Asda on Smithdown Road. On the way, we noticed a new set of roadworks and agreed that on yet another grey and windy day, it would be nice to offer the workmen a snack.

    On the return leg, we pulled over, crammed our coat pockets with Kit-Kats and made our way to the roadworks.

    • Tracy O'Connor says:

      This chap was highly amused by two girls turning up waving chocolate at him; ‘Have a break!’ we said, handing over the goods. Then we spotted two guys working on their house a little further down the road and offered them a Kit-Kat as well. Feeling good about the responses we received we made our way back to the car and bumped into Sam, the cameraman for the project – what a Coincidence! He got a Kit-Kat too.

      As we stood chatting, an elderly lady had passed us and was making her way up the road. Like a cat after a mouse, Lauri grabbed her yellow roses and gave chase to give them to her with Sam the cameraman in hot pursuit. It was a surreal moment. The builders in the road were fascinated by the going’s on, other passers-by wanted to know if they would be on TV and I stood watching from a distance, laughing and thoroughly enjoying the happy chaos.

      Apologies for the picture being so big, I don’t know how to make it smaller!
      To read more about my day, have a look at

  • Pam Shearwood says:

    This morning I did the photocopying for our Team Secretary. She looked bemused while I printed off paperwork for 25 people and I said. I was just passing!

  • Laurence Sidorczuk says:

    Today, I helped my friend organise a stack of digital photos of a recent trip to America. Simple thing really – cropping, adjusting the colour and contrast. took about an hour on the computer. then, we uploaded them to an online shop so that they could be made into a proper book with glossy pages and a hard front and back cover. Amazing what you can do these days, isn’t it?

    • Laurence Sidorczuk says:

      …had to follow up my previous post with this since it all happened quite unintentionally later in the day. A good friend of mine asked if was OK to borrow my chainsaw. I got it because I have a log fire at home [great in the winter] . I offered to help with the job as an act of kindness and, as a reward, was invited to stay for tea. So, I suppose this was a case of “you’ve done a favour for me and here’s how to thank you”. Still, it felt good to have helped out.

  • Ami Rivington says:

    I have not done my random act of kindness yet. but somebody did give me a bus ticket as they got off the bus this morning which has came in really handy for me :D

    • Laurence says:

      Funny how things reverse sometimes, as if people could see on our face that we were just about to do something kind for them… As I crossed the road today, I smiled at a workman in his van, and he sang me a song as I walked past! I enjoyed it!

  • Year Four: Our Lady of Good Help says:

    chloe, this week it has been brill because when i smild at my family they smild back at me !!
    Shaun, this week i gave a big smil to my mum!!!!!

  • Claire says:

    Great moments this morrning along Picton Road : I spoke with some peaple old and young and I offered a flower to a old women , she smiled .

  • Natasha Selden says:

    Buy the person behind you their shopping as well as yours, let someone go first in the queue?

  • Liz Hardy says:

    One I have done before is to leave a £1 coin already in a trolley at ASDA!