Sunday 29 May: Let’s find someone who needs a chat and a cup of tea.

  • Mandy says:

    visited my lovely mum today who hasn’t been very well whyle i’ve been away. Took her a present from hols, She drank the tea and we had a good chat before i fell asleep …. sorry mum but your settee is so comfy :-/

  • Jay Mitton says:

    Invited my elderly near neighbour in for a cuppa as she and her husband are at home on their own most days and I know it gets her down; they’re lonely together! She really enjoyed the break and change of scenery. She loved petting my cats as she feels too now old to have one of her own. She won’t remember though as she has Altziemers, still it meant something to her for that time.

  • Samina Hisam says:

    Me and my friend Claire Lise Bertrand chatted and had a cup of warm tea. It was so enjoying. We laughed, chat and had fun.

  • Laurence says:

    I phoned my sister today, she hasn’t been on top form recently (love stories involved). Afetr having this chat, she decided to come and see me, (all the way from France!) to have this sister chat and a good English cup of tea, and looked for flight for the next day. Unfortunately, she realised that she has an exam on Saturday so now can’t make it. We’ll have to keep having chats on the phone… but it’s this shared cup of tea that’s really missing…

  • amanda jane earley says:

    Bieng a bank holiday we that is myself and my boys hung out with a friend and went to chester for the day did not circulate with others as its a family and friends time so todays went by the wayside

  • Jodie Fisher says:

    I went to my best friends’ house yesterday to see them and have a chat. I see them very regularly and we used to live together so generally we just make jokes and take the mickey out of each other but yesterday I made cups of tea and we had a proper chat… And found out one of my friends has started studying feng shui and is really enjoying it! I wouldn’t ever have thought it was something she’d like so it was a surprise, but she gave me some lovely tips for my house and she seems very pleased with her new knowledge so I think it’s great. After that we did just make jokes and poke fun at each other as usual but it was a nice, different chat :)

  • Caroline Tiernan says:

    I decided to invite my sister round for a chat and a cuppa. Laurence and Sam came round too to do some filming. It was nice to catch up with my sister because we don’t get to see each other that often. Later on my Mum came round with my Niece and Nephew so the kettle went on again. :)

  • jennie says:

    text jo and asked if she wanted to meet up for a cuppa and natter.she text back saying she couldn’t because she was off to the fair with her son Harry and his mate.I forgot all about task and went off to the fair with Izzy(my 15yr old). She dragged me on all the fast rides which was terrifying and brilliant…and I was the oldest person on the rides I think! met up with jo and we all left the fair together.She invited me for a cuppa at hers.
    She offered us a lift home and we were discussing “coincidence”.
    She said she does randem acts of kindness as a natural thing anyway.We decided that her giving a lift to me and Izzy home wasn’t because we’re friends and she does it for us quite often. As we were driving over the Penny Lane Hill she told us how the other day she saw a lady struggling to push a man in a wheelchair up the hill.They stopped the car and took over pushing the chair the rest of the way up the hill.The poor lady was shaking with the effort.
    I told jo about my conversation about the funeral song and isabelle said she was going to have the Gareth Gates version of Spirit in the Sky.Jo said she’d have the original by Norman Greenbaum.They’d been playing “Bonkers” by Dizzy Rascel very loudly whilst we were on the Walzers at the fair and izzy said actually she wants that in her funeral! Love it.
    Gave jo my act of randem kindness (the mug tree) and she text me later saying her jewellery looked great hanging off it.
    Did we Need a chat and a cup of tea?Are we cheating by doctoring the tasks to fit our lives?
    But I always need a chat and a cup of tea with a close friend.
    Have we failed the task because it wasn’t tea but coffee?

  • Martin Powell says:

    Decided to call on a friend called John who I haven’t seen since the new year. He was out, but just as I was leaving another mutual friend turned up (he is staying for a few days with John). We had a chat and a cup of tea. Then just as I was about to leave my mobile rang and it was John. He suggested we meet up for a drink, which turned into several, and then invited me back for dinner.
    A bit more than a chat in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. I didn’t leave until almost 10:00pm.

  • Tracy O'Connor says:

    If music be the food of love, then tea must be the food of friendship.
    I didn’t have to look far because today that person needing a chat and a cup of tea was me. Feeling a little sorry for myself and lacking any energy to stray too far from home due to a shoulder injury and some strong pankillers, I decided to make the most of a quiet day in the house and abuse the kettle and my phone bill.

    I curled up on the couch with an over-sized mug and wondered who I should call when the phone rang. It was a very dear friend of mine from Australia who just called to hear my voice. We’ve had some fantastic adventures together over the years and are close friends, a conversation with her was just the tonic I needed. True friendship is calling up someone you know without waiting to find out whether they need you.

    I sat for a while after we said goodbye and binged on great memories. The TV was playing idly to itself until an advert caught my attention (I dont know how to add it here, but you can see it on my blog at – it’s definatley worth watching!)

    I wonder how many of us girls, call home and have this conversation;

    ‘Hi Pa (insert your own!), how are you?’

    ‘I’m good thanks love, how are you?’

    ‘I’m good. Is Mum there?’

    Then you’ll speak to your Mum for anything from two minutes to two hours, right? This ad made me think about my Dad so I decided to ring him and only him. He took some convincing and kept trying to pass me over to Mum! He was confused, then worried and then really happy that I had phoned to talk just to him. I’m so glad I did.

    Every day for a week now, there has been something really positive to say about every single day which has left me feeling really quite content. Peaceful. I can only put this down to my involvement in the Coincidence Project.

  • Stephanie and Norma says:

    We invited several people to breakfast, tea and a chat it was lovely and we made some new friends.

  • Claire says:

    I had a chat and a cup of tea this morning with Samina my english’s teacher.Lovely moment.

  • maxine critchley says:

    i spent an hour with my uncle jack today having tea and eating diabetic cake Yuk. it was very plesant.
    this evening im going to spend time with my girlie friends and their children, i think it ll be more than tea drunk but there will be plenty of chat and laughter and cream cakes yummy.

  • Samantha Davies says:

    Today i was working in a elderly peoples home in Crosby and as i was going round the residents rooms to see if they were all ok i came to one ladies room and we started having a convosation and she showed me all her lovely plants and a orchid flower that her son had gotten for her,she also told me some lovely stories about when she was a young girl and she showed me ol photographs and some pictures of her grandchildren.when i was leaving she told me how much she enjoyed talking to me and said that nobody ever comes to talk to her so i was glad that i had made her happy today :-) xxx

  • Laurence says:

    Off to do some filming with Carole and Frances, and drink some tea!