Monday 30 May: Let’s hum, whistle or sing throughout the day.

  • Caroline Tiernan says:

    I was humming songs with my niece and nephew. It put me in a good mood.

  • Mandy says:

    Had Take That circus tour dvd on while doing house work and Progress cd when in the car practising for next week :) Singing in the car was ok…. singing in the house had the cats running for cover !!!

  • Jodie M says:

    We went to a little ‘battle of the bands’ esque festival in Aigburth. We were sitting on a picnic bench eating burgers and singing we then took our singing on to Keith’s, Lark Ln. We were going to video ourselves for the blog but cider got in the way :-) I love singing and humming everyday, sometimes I don’t even realise that I’m doing it! I think that it is a way of expressing your inner happiness, you don’t sing when you are sad!

  • Jay Mitton says:

    I’m always singing even though I’m not so good any more, especially the high notes! I’m surprised I’m not told to shut up at work. As I was at home I let rip! Singing just cheers me up, I only wish I could remember all the words!

  • Angela says:

    The fist thing that came to mind was the Beethoven Ode to Joy and the second “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”! Throughout the day, I noticed how I rarely got to the end of anything I was trying to sing or hum. But my partner did notice that I was singing – I don’t think he’d noticed any random flashes of kindness or smiles.

  • Samina Hisam says:

    I called my other Project Coincidence Participant Claire Lise-Bertrand and we both hummed and whistled on our mobile. It was so nice.

  • Pam Shearwood says:

    Hummed…close to you, by the mamas and papas, everyt ime I walked past my partner. She laughed. We laughed. And it was a chilled day!

    • Laurence says:

      Sam, the Coincidence ‘camera man’ kept whistling today when we drove from one appointment to the other. Made us laugh too!
      To be honest, I was a bit shy to sing myself, but I had a go at humming when walking passed a few people!

      • Laurence says:

        We met with Emma Simons to film her doing her ‘action’, and, what a coincidence, she actually is in a quire! Lucky us ,we had the pleasure to enjoy her voice as she practiced her songs in the car on the way to buying weed killer in B&Q. She is singing at the Philharmonic on Sunday evening if anybody want to hear her beautiful voice. We then met with Dee Ng who took us on a pretty little trail round her house where she used to take the kids for walks. She openly sang in the open air, magical…

        • Dee Ng says:

          I sang walking under the big trees on my road, very apprehensive.. never been noted for my singing voice, but it was an amazing and empowering experience.

        • Emma S says:

          Merci beaucoup Laurence! I was apprehensive at being filmed singing. The last time that happened I’d had a few pints! I nearly said no as I was not feeling well but I’m glad I did it! I sing whenever I can; in the car, in work visiting patients, around the house, with my family. It takes me to another place. My illness subsided for the day and my weedkiller was a poisonous success! The concert, by the way, culminated in a rousing mass chorous of “You’ll never walk alone” – initially a challenge as a former Everton season ticket holder – but I gave it my all and I lost my voice.

  • Tracy O'Connor says:

    When asked to sing a song, I went blank. For a moment every song I’d ever heard was lost to me. I don’t do public singing. Not because I’m too shy, but because I’m not aggressive enough to inflict my vocals on anyone else. I love singing, but keep it for housework and the car and only when I’m on my own!
    so while I made the standard morning brew I had a whistle to myself. Not bad. My Nan taught me how to in the afternoons after school, but never how to whistle with my fingers; that was for boys.

    A tune developed but I couldn’t remember it all, couldn’t grasp what it was from? With my housemate safely out of the way at work, I turned on the stereo and had a sing-a-long while I pottered about the house, kidding myself that casually relocating piles of things was tidying up, and ended up dance-hoovering to ‘Waiting for a Star to Fall’ by Boy Meets Girl and having a great time! This song reminds me of my childhood, of dancing like a loon around my bedroom like Kim Cattrall in ‘Mannequin’, or so I thought,anyway.

    Was I brave enough to attempt whistling or singing in Asda?


    But this morning’s train of thought had led to the TV shows I loved back then, so this evening I logged on to YouTube and looked up some absolute childhood favourites; SuperTed, Bananaman, Worzel Gummidge, The Littlest Hobo, Dangermouse and several others before stumbling across The Flumps. The theme tune was the one I had been whistling this morning?!

    This odd little show was a firm favourite when I was very young and they don’t make them like that anymore. Watching it now I’d say that was a good thing! But watching that intro, hearing that tune, placed me briefly back in my Nan’s lounge with teaplates of Jaffa Cakes and cups of squash; me and her on the couch, watching cartoons while the gas fire warmed the room to afternoon-nap temperature, the good old days.

  • amanda jane earley says:

    what a wet day it was today , not much good at remembering lyrics so annoyed boys with humming the theme to` Pans Labyrinth ` it felt right for dressing the day tried to jolly things up with zippidy dooda but the sad lullaby kept winning

  • jennie says:

    Still in bed I checked my mobile for my daily text and laughed at todays task as I how to annoy my family (especially as I always get the words wrong. i text laurence to say this will annoy my family. She replied could she video it!
    some people might remember my first and only kareoke performance!Naturally I said no…..
    did wake izzy up with a few lines of bonkers…we were all singing it in the end with bits of Spirit in the Sky.
    I filled in yesterdays entry and saw a link for spirit in the sky ,,i ended up listening to the Animals House of the Rising Sun….
    we ended up playing guess ‘who this is playing House of the Rising Sun’,-think we need find a catchier title…..
    it’s been lovely to watch the swedish chef doing popcorn.

  • Jodie Fisher says:

    I do this all the time! I was singing “She Said” by Plan B while washing up with the back door wide open today, who knows what the neighbours thought haha and on my walk to the supermarket I was whistling to the radio. Music makes the day better!

  • Samantha Davies says:

    Doing all my cleaning around the house with my Tori Amos and Bon Jovi CDs’s on and singing along….makes cleaning so much more fun!! xxx

  • Anna says:

    Yessss brilliant task, everyone is happy when they hum

  • maxine critchley says:

    when your happy,
    when your happy
    the whole world smiles with you

  • Claire says:

    ” We we we will rock you “, today I sing this song from Queen.

  • Laurence says:

    Singing in the rain…?
    I’d rather be singing “Oh..Oh, I’m going to Ibiza!!!”

  • Laurence says:

    Abba, dancing queen?