Tuesday 31 May: Let’s drop flower seeds in places that need it.

  • Brian Mc says:

    sorry for late update
    I work in a large open plan office down by the brunswick docks which has some mediocre plants sparsly deposited around the place
    i did a covert seed planting operation in these plant pots to bring a bit of colour and life to the place and voila
    they are starting to sprout..woohooo.
    i have not told anyone so i am quite looking forward to the wonderment of my colleagues at these mysterious chrysanthemums shooting up.
    when they grow a little i will supply some pics..

  • Louise O'B says:

    Moss Grove is where I live and the green space between Moss and Fern Grove has been fought for over the years since the houses were first demolished. There are dozens of children and young people that play on the space and overall it attracts very little trouble. I sprinkled some wildflower seeds on the edges of the space, some will come up….. as long as they don’t get nibbled by the resident ducks…..

  • Jodie M says:

    The Sunflowers we planted in the Metal office have shot up to our surprise!! I hope they flourish. Any ‘green fingered’ people have tips for us email me jodie@metalculture.com :-D

  • Emma S says:

    I have had a pile of flower seed packets waiting to be given life sitting forelornly on my kitchen worktop for weeks. I picked sunflowers and poppies from the pile and took them to work. At the end of the day I was crouched at the side of the building pressing the seeds into a bald patch of earth. Some people left to go home but made no comment. I hope they come up, they’ll look lovely. I must do the same in my own garden………

  • Laurence Sidorczuk says:

    I sowed some sunflower seeds on the land where the old houses had been demolished along the top end of Smithdown Road. Perhaps it a bit too late for them to grow this year. Still, another interesting I discovered today. I had put a bird-feeder out in my back garden – one of those you fill up with seeds and let it hang from a branch. I went to fill it up today and discovered that some of the seeds had landed on the ground and had grown into proper plants. I think it’s barley. Will post a picture later to see if anyone can recognise it.

  • Angela says:

    Sowed some marigolds in Arundel Avenue and Toxteth Cemetery. Asda had run out of the nasturtiums I really wanted so I hope they’d been bought for Coincidence.

  • Martin Powell says:

    Have I got any flower seeds or do I need to buy some? Rummaging through a drawer I found some Californian Poppy seeds. I’ve no idea where they came from. Spent my 10 minute walk to the bus stop spreading them round places that looked like they needed brightening up. Will have to wait and see if any of them turn into flowers.

  • Jay Mitton says:

    I noticed some wild red Poppies growing in amongst the weeds in the open air car park I use near work, so I scattered some wild flower seeds around; we’ll have to wait and see if anything makes it through. It reminded me of when My mum got too frail to do her garden. She said that she realised that all the ‘weeds’ she’d been pulling up for years were just British wild flowers really. She was right and her garden was filled with lovely little flowers, many of which I hadn’t seen before and couldn’t name.

  • Claire says:

    I have sown in my little garden in front of my door, “nasturtium ” seeds.

  • Dee Ng says:

    Just been out to sow my flower seeds in the dusk. I chose wild poppies… I love the flaming red of them.

  • Lisa Shearwood says:

    Bought some seeds yesterday and sowed them on some overgrown ground near home. Will have to let you know in a couple of months if we have flowers.

  • Laurence says:

    Today, Sam and I went to see Jodie and Nicola, who both work at Metal, for some seed planting. Beautiful walk in the sun, funny to watch people’s reaction as they were planting and dropping flower seeds. A man asked me if it was some king of environmental protest!

  • Tracy O'Connor says:

    Fern Grove

  • Tracy O'Connor says:

    This has to be one of the best tasks yet! If you take a wander around Toxteth you’ll see some decent trees, plenty of grassy patches and an abundance of jurassic style weeds which leak from the windows and roofs of abandoned houses, but there are no flowers. Not unless you count dandelions?

    It wasn’t until I went for a good walk around the neighbourhood that I really noticed the absence of colour that only flowers bring. Sure, the purple wheelie bins and the graffiti brighten up the pavements a little, but they don’t bring the butterflies.

    The houses of Toxteth have little or no garden space but there are lots of families that would benefit from one. Walk along these streets on a sunny day and the need is obvious; paddling pools line the pavements, as do disposable BBQ’s and armchairs wrestled out from living rooms. It’s part of the reason I like living here.
    But it would be so much nicer to have a community garden to socialise in rather than a concrete, car-lined strip. Around the corner on the ironically named
    streets of Lime Grove, Moss Grove, and Fern Grove, there is ample grassy wasteland that would make a perfect space for a community garden. I discussed this with a friend who commented that any efforts to re-vamp these spaces would draw gangs to them at night, they would congregate and leave needles and cans behind.

    What a depressing thought; all that potential good being undermined and undone by disillusioned teens who have nothing better to do. However, it’s far more depressing to think that fears like this prevent people trying in the first place? If everyone anticipated the failure of ‘good’ projects, initiatives like the Coincidence Project would never be started.

    This afternoon, my housemate and I and (fingers crossed) six hundred or so others went and sowed seeds of colour across parts of Liverpool.

    We chose a patch of dirt between three trees on Moss Grove, to sow a whole box of bright yellow flowers. The chances are that birds might eat them. The wind might blow them all away. But a few might work, and one day someone might pick it for their mum. Better still, someone might get another packet and add another colour to it.

    • local resident says:

      I fail to see how a flower garden would attract gangs that would “leave needles and cans”. The usual drinkers that congregate around Fern Grove don’t care where they drink, and users will “have a dig” anywhere and everywhere. If we let worries about undesirables stop us from improving our environment, we may as well just give up. Happily, this is NOT the case.

  • maxine critchley says:

    childwall woods is my favourate place in liverpool.
    its so diverse with its wildlife, dense woodland that leads on to open fields and views that go on forever. this is where i decided to scatter my wild flowers seeds. otis and i made a game of it by placing the seeds on to his frizbee then throwing it so the seeds despersed randomly throughout the fields. im looking forward to going back in afew weeks and seing specticles of coloured flowers in amongst the grass.

  • Samantha Davies says:

    I have been waiting for this one :-) I got my flower seeds last week,a big box of violet seeds from Aldi,i shared the seeds between about 10 little zip lock bags (or as some people may know them as weed bags haha) so when I’m going past a place that looks like it could do with some love i can sprinkle the contents of one bag and keep doing this all day until i have used up all my seeds.Can’t wait to see how much more colourful and beautiful everywhere is going to look once all our flowers start to grow.I will be sprinkling mine over the picton,old swan and Dovecot area cos that’s were I’m working today.xxx