Day 1 – Let’s all say ‘good morning’…

Hi Coincidence Team! Today, let’s all say ‘good morning’, ‘good afternoon’, ‘good evening’, to as many people as possible. (Let us know how many people you speak to, if you speak to more people than usually, if they reply, etc… Thank you to Centre 8 theatre group for creating this action, giving a boost to Runcorn’s sense of community, and questioning the way we interact with people in the street.

  • Iain says:

    …Hi everyone!
    I’ve just been to the Coicidence event with Laurence
    at The Brindley. I’d like to say a great thank you to Laurence for the opportunity to be part of, a real
    part of, an artwork.
    I think I speak for several of the participants in saying it was a real pleasure to meet and work with Laurence, a very talented artist, and to be part of a group of like-minded souls.
    I think I’ve made some friends and hope they will keep
    in touch,…perhaps have a Coincidence Day together?
    The statue piece, “I thought it was real” is for me, the best piece of interactive art I have seen to date, and like Mike and a few others, I’m sure Laurence has made a lot of friends, ( and fans!) in Runcorn.
    Let’s hope we can colaborate again sometime soon.
    All the best.

  • Carys says:

    I found this difficult to execute, I was quite self-conscious and felt awkward. At first, I said it to strangers and I had positive responses. I said it to an older woman in the charity shop and she said that “they don’t pass pleasantries with strangers anymore, because they are too aggressive.”
    But it also made me feel good, as if I was part of something, and I like the idea that people may have said hello to the same person more than once. It is nice to have a friendly town, especially now the old town is a bit warn around the edges.

  • Carly says:

    Good morning
    Good afternoon
    Good evening
    is where it all started when I was in work at co-op. A lady approached me and said good evening Carly. I looked up a bit shocked as I was wearing my blue badge but hadn’t received the daily text. Sarah told me the action of the day was good evening by this time so I said it to a few customers. Most of the elderly replied with a smile and the same response. Most younger looked at me as if I was loopy!

  • Poppy says:

    Today’s task was to greet people as we met them in our everyday lives. This was a task that fitted into my life style quite well as I always try and engage with people.
    My ususal greeting is “You alright”. using the good morning, good afternoon and good evening to older people or total stangers. for my friends, I linked the greeting with a hand gesture (a open hand making a circle motion). I was not surprised at the smiling eyes and the mirrored greeting, what fun!

  • Jane says:

    Good MoAning … ooops! Good Morning.
    Missed this morning, slight delay in receiving the text, never mind. Good Afternoon. Hi, Smiles returned by strangers often wit hesitation, unsure about this strange lady with 2 dogs greeting folks with gusts.
    One lady did blank me, she did look surprised and taken aback. I could have invaded her thoughts, and apologise.
    Greeted a couple who turned out to be neighbours from years ago, exchanged news enthusiastically.
    Good Evening, to family members.
    Good night God Bless All.

  • Susan says:

    On leaving the house, I saw – dawn the road – a maintenance van, the driver was standing next to it. I wanted to shout “Good Morning”, but was not sure he would hear me, because I hesitated, he stepped inside the van, so my opportunity was gone.

    My husband drove me to the shops. In the card shop I said “Good morning to the young assistant (aged late 20′s). She looked at me and said “Hello”.

    Later – in the health good store – I again said “Good morning” to the trainee assistant. She answered “Would you like a bag?”. On checking my change and receipt, I realised she had given me £1 short in my change. As I was feeling unwell, I went home.

  • Amber says:

    I said good afternoon to a random person and they said it back, they looked happy. I would do this again, and I think people should say hello more often.

  • Callum Woodward says:

    I said the phrases throughout the day and found many people thought I wanted something or wouldn’t look.

  • Peter Jenkinson says:

    everyone seemed happier about being spoken to so politely but some people seemed cautious.

  • Andrew Holt says:

    I said good morning to my mum, she looked happy when I said it and she said “hiya love”.
    I said good afternoon to an old lady in the street and she looked shocked and said “oooh, what a nice young man, good afternoon too”

  • All Saints Primary School says:

    Everyone likes the coincidence in the class and are looking forward to the next coincidence. Also, the artist came, she was very nice and kind. made us that coincidence and she gave us a badge and a diary. So all things for me are fantastic and I feel great and good. Also today was the best day.

  • All Saints Primary School says:

    It was funny because my mum and my sister said good night at the same time. (Steven)

  • All Saints Primary School says:

    Today, I have had lots of fun saying good morning and goo afternoon to everyone. I said it to 90 people and I got 80 responses.

  • All Saints Primary School says:

    It was fun today, it shows you can get to speak to people you don’t really speak to much. (Emily)

  • All Saints Primary School says:

    I’d like to do it agin someday for a bit longer (Ann)

  • Iain says:

    ..Forgot to post this Monday. The dark side of Runcorn.
    While most people were OK with the “good mornings”, one man I spoke to got more rude the longer I spoke with him about the project. He said he had no time for this sort of thing when he’s used to people spending thousands of pounds in his shop!
    How rude! Obviously he thought I was wasting his (so valuable ) time and he wasn’t rude ENOUGH to tell me that to my face. How ironic, that I spent hundreds with him in the past and he can’t remember. Never mind! There ARE really nice people inRuncorn and we just have to spend our money with them!

  • All Saints Primary School says:

    It made me feel magical. (Nathan)

  • Ocego says:

    This Jack Daniels loves me, he came to say good afternoon !

  • Ocego says:

    That’s later in the day. This is a friendly guy I sat next to, I said good afternoon, we had a chat and I took his picture.

    • Ocego says:

      I had a chat with a scouser that came over for a drink. He took the camera from the table and took his own picture!

  • Ocego says:

    I said good morning and good afternoon to lots of friends and family as well as people who were just shopping around the old town. Here are some pictures I took. That’s Fergell, the karaoke guy. he always checks out my clothes and which brand I am wearing, because I always try to wear different clothes!

    • Ocego says:

      I said good morning to fred and his misses, he goes to the Royal everyday, he always has 3 pints of mild, and Alice has orange juice.

  • All Saints Primary School says:

    I thought it was weird and I didn’t like it. (Paige)

  • All Saints Primary School says:

    Comments by pupils:
    Saying good morning to people made me feel very happy. Lisa said it to me and that made me feel very happy. (Megan)
    It was a bit scary because everyone was coming to me to say good morning. It was good and exciting as well. (Stephanie)
    When I said it to people, they said it back. (Chloe)
    I spoke to Milly and to other children, and I don’t usually. (William and Bethan)
    People were happier than normal. Someone out of school said good evening to me. (Abi)

  • Kelly Dace says:

    Felt a bit daft saying Good Aternoon to the mums at school gate, when I usually say hiya! I ended up telling them about the Coincidence project and everyone joined in saying Good Fternoon to everyone!

  • Jane Simcock says:

    Hi, greeting folk in this rather formal way, seemed strange, usually we say Hi, or Hi ah. tried 7 people this afternoon, received smile and “hi” response, 1 lady looked surprised then blanked me. A couple were neighbours from 20 years ago, Coincidence!

  • Michael Casey says:

    People reacted differently… Older people seemed quite pleased but younger ones were not that keen!

  • Lynne says:

    Well i said Goodmoringing, but everyone in work is use to me saying this so same as everyday response.
    I said Good Afternoon and my boss thought i had lost my mind….lol
    I said Good Evening and my family asked if i was ok? and think i need a long holiday…lol

  • Ocego says:

    I have spoken to so many people today, I can’t remember them all! Got some good photos of Runcorn people. Will post them.

  • amber tomlinson says:

    hello all you crazy blue badged people!!!

  • Laurence says:

    Diaries are looking good…

  • Laurence says:

    Nice picture of Diane from the chemist, who probably beat us all with numbers of people she talked to, speaking with her customers all day!

    • Diane says:

      Working at Lunts Chemist today, great to see Laurence and have my photo taken!
      Good Morning 10-12 am: 17 times
      Good Afternoon 12-5.30 pm: 22 times
      5.30 – 9 pm: Home
      9-11 pm: Good evening at Prospert Folkclub: 7
      Whilst not unusual for me to use fairly formal greeting, it did provoke a more formal response from customers etc, but no-one actually commented on greeting. No sighting on any other badges today.

  • Julz Hewson says:

    Hopes everyone had a Good morning, good afternoon and wishes you all a good evening!!!!!!!!!

  • Julia Smati says:

    I work in a shop so daily life for me involves the greetings. Although, I must say randomly posting on peoples facebook walls “Good evening” is getting some strange responses hah!! This is fun!! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

    • Laurence says:

      What kind of reply did you get when posting ‘good evening’ on people’s facebook?

      • Julia Smati says:

        People are so quick to reply!! I have posted Good Evening! on my friends walls who are from Runcorn. Responses are positive such as “You’re in a good mood!” and another “ohhh i’m very well on this lovely evening” lol. I think the outcome is really positive!! I have about 4 people who I never really speak to just pop up in the chat box to say hi after I posted on their walls!! People think I’ve completely lost the plot though!!
        My daughter is in on this as well!! I think it’s good for her as she’s getting involved in a little “secret mission” and she loves it!”.

  • Mark Smith says:

    Yes, this was very interesting. I became quite sel-conscious after being asked to greet people as I’m naturally quite responsive to others as I pass through the working day. I suppose this paradox became most evident when 2 people who I see most days became suspicious when I greeted them (probably because my greeting was slightly out of context – in time or place maybe).

  • Michael casey says:

    Hi everyone good to see so many people taking part.

  • Laurence says:

    I’m adding a post for Marion, the famous cook from the cookery group, who managed to say good morning to 40 people while waiting 1 hour for her doctor appointment. She said people thought she was weird talking to everyone, which I found interesting… is it weird to talk to people?

  • Laurence says:

    Iain saying ‘good morning’ to two ladies, who looked nicely surprised!

  • Laurence says:

    Iain saying ‘good morning’ in the streets of Runcorn… This man was not expecting it!

  • Laurence says:

    This man looked a bit lost and lonely, I would have liked to say ‘good morning’ but he was too far away…

    • Iain says:

      Hey Laurence!
      You should have shouted “good morning” at the man 11 floors below….just to see him look around and wonder who the heck was shouting!

  • mike casey says:

    hi good day to u all.Have been in asda shoping at 10.30 ish spoke to about 15 people 3 ignord me 12 replied with a smill most were older than 25 the 3 were about 20 years old 2 femals 2 male.

  • Joanna and Lynne says:

    Good Afternoon! Wearing our blue badges with pride!

  • Joanna Jones says:

    Said good afternoon to 12 people one of whch was my boss, i got a mixture of reactions:
    My boss looked at me as though I was barking mad whilst others all said good afternoon back although some of them did look rather bemused!

    • Julia Smati says:

      I found that saying Good morning was easy!!! Saying Good afternoon seems a bit formal and Good Evening, well.. no one says Good evening, unless you’re a lord or something lol!

  • Laurence says:

    Interesting to see Runcorn from a bird’s point of view. I tried to spot blue badges but my zoom is not good enough!

  • Laurence says:

    I met with Iain this morning, who kindly invited to see the amazing view from his flat before we headed to town to document the action ‘in action’. Here is a picture of Ian on his neighbour balcony (who lives on the 11th floor). Thay have the best views of Runcorn!

  • Laurence says:

  • Laurence says:

    first text message sent at 10 am today…

  • Karen Ripley says:

    Wore my badge with pride in town this morning. Didn’t see anyone else, but said ‘morning’ to as many people as I saw! It very much made me think of who else was on the street around me and made me wonder about their lives. I found myself going to out of my way to find more people to speak to, rather than walking home the quick way.

    • Laurence says:

      Hi Karen,

      I’m glad to hear it made you go out of your way! it is interesting to see how different people react to a ‘good morning’…

  • Laurence says:

    Just sent the first message! Exciting. I am sitting in my car by the mersey, the bridge is in the mist, there is no one about… Let’s find someone to say ‘good morning’ to!