Day 3 – Let’s ask people if they have heard about…

Hello, how is it going so far? Some nice stories about yesterday, can’t wait to read the diaries too!

Today, let’s ask people if they have heard what was found in the Mersey last night (you could say you’ve heard someone talking about it, let’s find out what people think it could be). Thanks you to Pen and Inkers writing group for creating this action, reflecting on past Runcorn stories (whales, dolphins, UFOs,…) and potentially creating new ones…

  • sarah king says:

    i asked a friends of mine if he had heard about what’s been found in the mersey.
    he replied no and asked me what it was, i simply told him i couldn’t explain what it is and walked away.
    later in the day i heard him and some other mates discussing what it could be and searching the news for information. they still don’t now what was “found” in the mersey.

  • Susan says:

    On Wednesday evening, at an informal meeting, I asked a man I had just met “Have you heard about what’s been found in the Mersey?”
    His reaction: “I’ve not seen the news tonight, it might be in the newspaper tomorrow.”
    Another person said: “No, I’ve not heard anything.”
    Someone else nodded “No”.
    Another person said “yes (A fellow badge wearer), I’ve heard about it!”

  • Jane Simcock says:

    Paddle Power Runcorn’s New Transport Service

  • Carly says:

    Down the Mersey

  • Diane Harrison says:

    Did not participate, rumors can be dangerous! Not at work, lazy day listening to radio 4. In eve at Travellers rest in Frodsham with friend, arrive at 7pm at exact time as friend Brian and Kath which I have not seen since Xmas. Both first time visitors! Coincidence!

  • Iain says:

    pot of gold?

  • Peter Jenkinson says:

    By 2pm, I was overhearing rumors and suspicions about what happened.

  • Andrew Holt says:

    I said “ did you hear about that thing in the Mersey” to a slight aquaintence, she replied “really what was it?”, then I immediately walked off and never loocked back.

  • Millie McGuirk says:

    I spread a rumor that a whale with a horn was spotted in the Mersey. I told my mum and she still believes me and watches the news in hope there is a story there…
    I went to the old town and was talking about it quite loudly so that people could overhear me. I took some people of people, in the hope that they would be spearing the rumor…

  • All Saints Primary School says:

    I told people that they found 90,000 pounds! (Daniel)

  • All Saints Primary School says:

    There was a big hairy monster in there (Rebecca)

    • Peter Jenkinson says:

      Today I convinced my class there was a whale and a dolphin in the Mersey. Everyone began to believe…

  • All Saints Primary School says:

    Last night I went by the water and I found a swan. (Megan)

  • Iain says:

    Something nice in the Mersey,

  • All Saints Primary School says:

    In the Mersey, there was a pint of larger, a packet of crisp, a chocolate wrapper, an Asda trolley and a scouter wich has be broken of. (Jordan)

  • All Saints Primary School says:

    I found Mrs Birchall and an old woman with the same clothes on and green old boots and bothe of them were putting make up on. (Jessica)

  • All Saints Primary School says:

    I told people what was found in the Mersey, I made things up, I said it was a troley. I enjoyed it, some people laughed, some people don’t believe it, some do. (Megi)

  • Ocego says:

    I was in Weatherspoon when I got the message, and a friend of mine told me it was a dolphin that was found in the Mersey, or it might have been a porpoise.

  • Julia says:

    So funny today!! I took my little boy to the Ark . I met up with Ruth and Marion who runs the cooking group, and the three of us had fun talking about this strange thing that was found in the mersey!!! I’ve been saying ‘ohhh have you heard what they found in the mersey?
    My friends at the group were really interested. One even text her friend to see if she knew. When she asked me where I’d heard it from I told her my local shop. She is soooooo nosy that she said she was going there to ask the shop assistant!!!!!!! how funny!!!!

  • Iain says:


  • Iain says:

    I went into shops and spoke to people on the steet.
    I asked if they had heard about something found in the Mersey and most said “No- Ive not heard anything”, but others said,”Oh dear have they?” or
    “Oh another one?” with a frown on there faces.

  • Julia Smati says:

    hahah i’ve had fun today. My friends are really nosy so they have been texting friends asking them if they know anything!!!! So far we have had Dolphin, Whale, UFO, Bomb and a dirty nappy lol :-)

  • gill murray says:

    i got told it was a ufo but it didnt leave a crop circle it left a warter ring mark :)

    • Helen says:

      Apparently, there is something hidden in the Mersey, this is why there are a lot of UFO sightings there…

  • Reece, All Saints Primary School says:

    I think they found an old tyre.

  • Laurence says:

    I just wanted to apologise, as I forgot about the dark side of Mersey stories…

  • Laurence says:

    Ian asking about what was found in the Mersey to a woman at the Co-Op.

  • Joanna says:

    We now have a coleague consulting a UFO type website to see if anything has been reported o them………

  • Kelly Dace says:

    Haha laughing at my mum! I’m home all day with sick child so could only ask my mum who was very interested and was saying ‘oh no what was found!’ I couldn’t lie for long and told her it was my action for today :)

  • Lynne says:

    Well i come into work and mentioned to everyone that something has been found in the Mersey, i told them its a vessell of some sort….maybe ufo…I felt bad for lieing but its all for a good cause…lol.
    My colleagues have been on the internet to see if or what has been found in the mersey…….and are still looking ;-)

    • Joanna says:

      Lynne … I am finding it hard to keep a straight face …. what a nosy bunch we work with!!!

  • Laurence says:

    day 3, lets’ hear people’s stories…