Day 4 – Let’s give a gift to someone…

Hello. How are you this morning? Today, let’s give a gift to someone we don’t know or would like to know better (let us know how it goes and take a picture if you can, we’re all curious!). Thank you to local residents and businesses, who thought this action would be a good excuse to connect with a neighbour.

  • Sarah says:

    I gave some money to a homeless person.

  • Susan says:

    The ENT nurse at the local hospital used to play the cello.
    I was due to visit the ENT department, so I took a CD copy of an interview I had recorded of the cellest Juliun Loydd Webber, for my radio show.
    His concert tour had included a performance at Parr Hall in Warrington, which I attended. When I met him – during the interval – I found him quite charming and easy to chat to. Here is a photograph of the gift.

  • Poppy's mum says:

    I took my daughter to school, her little polish friend was waiting at the school gate.
    He had made Poppy this beautiful sparkly picture.
    I see him and his mum everyday and as they don’t speak much English, all we ever say is hello and good night or bye.
    Today, I asked his mum for her mobile number so we can take the kids to watch a film in the school holidays.

  • Jane Simcock says:

    Handed a home made hanging basket full of pansies to a surprised and smily next door neighbour.

  • Mike Casey says:

    I gave handshakes of friendship, the best present I could think of.

  • Kate says:

    I didn’t get round to doing the actions, but I did think about them everyday. When I got the text, I thought about how I could do it, and how people would react… I never thought about doing things like walking a different way so I’ll do that one day. I was wondering who I would give my present to, but I didn’t do it in the end.

  • Andrew Holt says:

    I given a sachet of tomatoe ketchup to Pete, he said “thank you”, and put it up on his wall of inspiration.

  • Callum Woodward says:

    I gave a pen to my friend as she needed one. It was only a small gift but it made me nice and a good friend.

  • Peter Jenkinson says:

    I left positive notes around the college which seemed to cheer people up. On some of them I wrote “have a nice day”, that made people smile. I also wrote “you’re pretty”, but people seemed to ignore this one.

  • Annie says:

    The other day I was at school, and on my way back, I bought a bracelet for my friend. She was really happy and bought me one the next day! :)

  • Iain says:

    ..Later in the day, Laurence met up and I decided to get another gift of special flowering plant (£1.87) and give to a lady I had in mind. As it turned out the lady wasn’t there and so I decided to give to another lady we spoke to at Highlands. I think we both felt happy that this happened on the spur of the moment and I shall remember this day for a long time.

  • Iain says:

    I went to flower shop and got 2 gifts for two lady neighbours i thought would appreciate the gesture and enjoy the gift giving. Both were out, but one telephoned me later to say thank you and saidshe had been “taken aback” by the gesture.
    Later still, she came to my door and gave me a gift of a watercolour. How nice.

  • Laurence says:

    I met Carly at the Co-op to take a picture of her gift, and she gave it to me, as we had never met before!

  • Laurence says:

    Went to to the flower shop with Iain.

    • Laurence says:

      He decided to be intuitive, came into a shop, and gave his gift to the lady who works in the curtain shop on the High Street.

      • Laurence says:

        She seemed quite surprised and said ” I didn’t expected this, you made my day!”

      • Julia says:

        ahh bless her!! She looks terrified that something might jump out on her!! I guess people just don’t expect someone to do something so nice out of the blue!!!! Lovely pic!!

  • Julia says:

    Well today I chose to give a hug as my gift. A gift doesn’t have to cost anything. It doesn’t have to have monetary value. I hugged my dentist and even managed a smile after she informed me that my next visit would be a root canal jobbie!!!!!!

    • Laurence says:

      That is amazing! I bet they don’t often get hugs from their clients! I love your picture!

      • Julia says:

        I chose her in particular because I’m terrified of the dentist. I have a real phobia. I don’t know her personally but she’s always made me feel relaxed every time i’ve been there. My dentist rocks lol!!!

  • Jen says:

    I am wondering who to give my gift to… and who deserves it….!

  • Kelly Dace says:

    Sorry not done this task! I really can’t approach a stranger and give them a gift. Not for me this task x

  • Iain says:


  • Laurence says:

    I hope you’ll enjoy today’s Coincidence!