Day 7 – Let’s wear something bright and colourful…

For this last action of Coincidence, let’s see your true colours! Wear something bright and colourful! Thank you to the Ella performance group at Halton Speak Out for creating this action, brightening up everyone’s day! I will be in Weatherspoon between 5 and 6 pm today if you want to drop off your diary, and have a chat about this week. All other diaries can be dropped off at the Brindley reception before Thursday in order for comments to be included in a limited edition  booklet. You will receive a copy and be invited to a celebratory  event at the Brindley, date to be confirmed. Thank you for taking part, and see you soon. Laurence.


  • Degeedisa says:

    be happy and love. kiss

  • Carys says:

    I wore my bright pink coat. People always comment on it, and seem to be more friendly with me when I’ve got it on. It’s bright and it cheers people up.
    Sometimes when you wear something colourful, it makes you feel happier, it has quite an impact on how you feel. I use to wear black all the time. Now I mainly wear black at work.

  • Mark says:

    I always wear dark colours, black, grey, so was interesting to get old T-shirts I never wear any more… I felt quite ‘visible’!

  • Mike says:

    We dressed up the dog too!

  • Diane says:

    Mother day outing with family. Brightly coloured but apart from formal work clothes it is not unusual for me to wear bright colours.

  • Jane Simcock says:

    A very happy mothers day.
    The day has been a busy family orientated one. Dressing for a reason reminded me of enjoying choosing paper clothes for paper dolls. Fun to reminice and indulge a passion.

  • Sarah says:

    Today I wore bright colours while I was out and about making people notice me more.

  • Carly says:

    Lots of colour…

  • Poppy's mum says:

    Sunday and the last day…
    i don’t wear bright clothes other than on holiday. I did dress my little girl up and took her the park.

  • Susan says:

    I wore a long sleeved shirt, with a bright checked pattern. In yellow, blue, pink and red.
    (There is NO photograph as evidence!)

  • Iain says:

    What to wear? Plain or stripes?
    Decision: Decisions!

  • Ocego says:

    Today was easy cos al I had to do is pick a shirt. This is the brightest shirt I’ve got.

  • Laurence says:

    Got some old bright jumpers from the back of your cupboard? Give them a new life!