Laurence Payot is inviting you to become part of an extraordinary project, questioning and re-imagining the way we behave in our streets on a daily basis.

Coincidence will gather a new network of people (600 people so far) to create small daily coincidences within the area of Picton in Liverpool (including Wavertree, Edge Hill, Toxteth, and Kensington). 

Anybody is free to participate, it’s as easy as making a cup of tea! For 14 consecutive days, you will receive a daily text message inviting you to carry out a simple task integrated within your everyday life. Throughout each day, individual actions (performed at different times and in various places) will start to create a collective Coincidence.

During Coincidence, people’s experiences will be gathered via a blog, diaries and interviews, documented in a short film and an exhibition at Metal (at Edge Hill Station).


If you would like to join and help create Coincidence, please see the ‘How to take part’ page for more information.

To see how Coincidence went when it happened in Runcorn, select the Runcorn link above. For daily updates on Picton, to read people’s comments and add your own, please select Picton.

Coincidence will take place in the streets of Picton: Monday 23 may – Sunday 5 June

Exhibition private view at Metal: Tuesday 28 June, 6:30pm till 9pm

Exhibition open Wednesday 29 June – Saturday 2 July, 2pm till 6pm.

Metal, Edge Hill Station,

Tunnel Road,


L7 6ND